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Michelle Gatchell

Digital Media/Media Relations Strategist

Michelle started her career in television working her way from Floor Director to Director, to News Producer to Executive Producer. She loved finding the stories that mattered to her viewers. 


She found herself Directing Browns/Bengals Countdown for NBC in Columbus, Ohio. Plus, many weekends she covered OSU games doing feature stories ahead of time, telling the story of the player and his charitable giving side, or a coach that spends his free time, helping his team members with the studies to make sure they do not fall behind. Growing up a Buckeye covering OSU games was not work at all. 

After 12 years in media, asking people for interviews she wanted to try it from the other side, and took a position as a public relations representative for the Attorney General of the State of Ohio. She knew what media wanted and so it was a natural fit for her, but on the state level she was able to work with media from all over the country. It gave her a unique perspective of what media looks for in a news story. On a daily basis she would field questions from 4-20 media outlets.


She was able to help attorneys from more than 26 divisions craft press releases and media strategies for messaging to get the optimal coverage.  Getting things above the fold, and her boss quoted before his/her opponent was fun strategic thinking she worked on daily. 

She can use her news background and media relations experience to help craft a plan to get your story in front of the right audience through many sources of digital media. She can help you take what may seem like an impossible story to tell and craft it into one that doesn't seem that bad when the media finally talks about it. So if you are looking for strategy tips in telling your sports story, Michelle will be the perfect team member to assist. 

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