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A sampling of comments about EMP from our most recent client :

EMP took the time to get to know our staff. They gave our administrative team meaningful insights on creating a re-energized department culture. Their ongoing outreach keeps us focused on becoming a more effective team." - Mandy Prusia (Associate AD)

“EMP provided our athletic department here at Allegheny College with the information moving forward to not only become a better TEAM, these folks provided us with a perspective that causes us all to pause and think about how we can become better for the overall success of the College”. - Justin Linzy (Head Track & Field/Assistant Cross Country)

"EMP delivered on their pledge to provide an informative, challenging and collaborative program for our department. In the daily hustle and bustle of an athletic department, it was a welcome and unique opportunity to reflect, share and learn from each other with guidance from EMP. Perhaps most importantly, the sessions were of value to all in the room...from the new assistant coach right out of college to one who has been there almost 40 years." – Jeff Groff (Men and Women’s Golf Coach)

"I really liked the programming that EMP provided for us at Allegheny College. It challenged us not only to think about and identify things we needed to work on, but allowed us to communicate the good in our department, and how there was overlap between the two. Also, having us work to do exercises with others was a great ice breaker to get to know others in the department on a different level and I noticed more communication and interaction amongst the department. There are exercises and techniques used that I am definitely going to use with my own team." - Rich Nagy (Head FB Coach)

"I really enjoyed the HONEST evaluation of the athletic department. EMP gives the lowest person on the totem pole the opportunity to have a platform to speak freely." - Curtis Bailey (FB Special Teams Coach)

"EMP provided our athletic department with an in-depth dive into enhancing our team effectiveness. Their group presentation was informative and engaging. EMP's return trip to campus brought real findings and recommendations for our department to implement to improve as a team." - Kate Costanzo (Ass't. AD/SWA)


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