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Executive Management Partners offers comprehensive consultation and search services designed to help navigate and solve your challenges, with focus on the organization’s mission and priorities.

Collectively the partners have more than 125 years of direct experience within the athletic enterprise as coaches, leaders, and senior level administrators. Our team will provide unsurpassed results with attention to personalized customer service. We have a diverse skill set which will deliver a tailored approach to your needs. We empower colleges, universities, high schools, community recreation and youth sports programs to realize solutions, achieve goals and maximize the efficiency of existing services. We maximize the client’s return on investment (ROI).

Executive Management Partners attention to detail is second to none because we take time to listen in order to develop a clear understanding of your needs and desired outcomes. Our experience, personalized approach, and value we attach to empowering you set us apart. Let us care about and EMPOWER you!


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 EMP Values 

Empower a team building approach by helping every individual to discover their strength and self-confidence.


We help you achieve success more than gathering accolades by operating with humility.


Encourage active listening by listening to everyone’s words and opinions.


Expand creativity with imagination over the status quo.


Establish accountability by working together to get it right.


Promoting inclusion by appreciating and respecting everyone.

We use data-driven and research-based decision making to find solutions.


Provide exemplary customer service by putting YOU first.


Build teamwork by working together toward infinite possibilities.


Promoting diversity by acknowledging and using a wide variety of perspectives and differences.


Staying current to achieve our clients’ goals by encouraging continuous improvement.



To empower athletic enterprises to achieve excellence through personalized solutions-based services that are innovative, collaborative, and lasting 



To be the one stop affordable solution to make your life less complicated and better by sharing our resources to empower and inspire.


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