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Facility Planning


and Operation








Our partners have collectively led over 100 successful searches. Our vast network includes the NCAA membership, and many other programs and organizations to optimize talent acquisition. We take great pride in fitting the right person for the culture of an organization and position. We offer a range of talent acquisition and search options from assisting you with securing a diverse qualified applicant pool to a total comprehensive search. We offer these services for both executive searches and select head coach searches.

Our service depending on selected option provides:
• Position description creation, review, and                  development
• Search timeline development
• Committed to the creation of a diverse and high-        quality applicant pool
• Proactive applicant recruitment
• Applicant vetting
• Interview coordination
• Organization, local, and state compliance                  adherence
• Negotiation and contract assistance

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One of the cornerstones of any effective organization is leadership, your partners have decades of successful leadership experiences. Partner Beckett recently completed a year-long study of leadership traits. The leadership training is tailored to three select populations: Administrators, Coaches and Student-Athletes.


The program will be developed based on organizational need but can include:
• Leadership study and training
• Philosophy development and implementation
• Defining your leadership style
• EMPowering your team
• Leadership resources
• Helping the organization to develop its core values    (its ‘why’ / your reason)
• DiSC assessment facilitation
• Leadership programming (athletes and staff)
• Expanding relationship building and effective              communication

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Your EMP partners have significant experience in a wide array of programming facilitation. The staff will assist and educate clients in development and implementation of their own internal programs or will provide a full variety of programs based on client
need or request.


We provide:
• Team building
• Conflict resolution
• StepUp
• One Love
• Pedagogical fundamentals
• Teaching styles
• Building your culture



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The cornerstone of understanding where you are and how to move forward is assessment. EMP will serve as external reviewers completing assessments of programs departments, staffing, budgets, facilities, and operations. The partners have significant experience both nationally and internationally in the assessment and evaluation of athletic organizations and programs. We will provide data driven reports designed to identify: strengths, opportunities, and areas of need. We will also provide suggestions and ideas for next steps.

We offer:

Department reviews

• Compliance reviews

• Feasibility studies

• Benchmark studies

• Budget/ROI reviews

• Student athlete experiences

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Enrollment Management


and Recruitment

With decades of experience in recruiting high level students and athletes, EMP can assist you in meeting your institution’s athletic recruitment goals.


We offer the following services:
• Recruiting seminars
• Review of recruitment processes and materials that    support the institution’s enrollment goals
• Successful recruiting strategies
• Written, verbal, social media use
• NCAA recruiting compliance knowledge

• Athletic marketing strategies

• Expanding recruiting network

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Facility and


Operations Planning

The partners have been involved in over $100 million of planning and facility project management and oversight experience including new facilities, upgrades and expansions of existing facilities, as well as a significant number of capital improvements. The partners have lead and managed an array of athletic operations; including crafting and implementing numerous operation models.


We offer the following services:
Facility Planning
• Needs assessment
• Pre-project planning
• Usage planning
• Equipment purchasing
• Opening event planning

• Staffing
• Operation models and implementation
• Operation manuals and handbooks
• Staff training
• Risk assessments
• Scheduling
• Budgets
• Reviews of operation efficiency
• Addressing challenges

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The partners have been involved in strong revenue generation of over $70 million and disciplined expense management designed for  budget enhancement, staff growth, facility renovation and construction. Let us use our experience so you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

We offer the following services:

Capital planning and assessment

Athletic department-wide fundraising campaign and    annual department fundraising

Individual team or project fundraising

Alumni friend raising events

Assessment of the needs and priorities of your          fundraising

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EMP will provide comprehensive review in development of the organization’s strategic


The partners have completed a number of strategic plans and processes, including but not limited to:
• NCAA 5-year reviews (ISSG)
• Full organization strategic plans as well as small-      scale specialized plans
• Review and establishment of priorities, objectives,      timelines implementation, etc.

• Completion of SWOT analysis

• Development of mission, vision, objectives, action      plans and timelines

• Development of strategic plan models 

• Completion of situational analysis

• Guidance on strategic management

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