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NACDA Leadership Symposium

by Peggy Carl

I had the great good fortune to attend the NACDA Leadership Spring Symposium recently and found it, as always, full of useful information, an opportunity to network with Directors of Athletics across the country, and if I’m being transparent, the chance to spend time in one of my favorite places – San Diego. 

The NACDA Spring Symposia were developed as a tool to provide Athletic Directors with high level leadership training by exposing us to the leadership training being offered at the three military academies (Air Force – Colorado Springs, Army – West Point, Navy – Annapolis) and the Marines’ SEAL Training facility at Coronado. This year, we heard from current and former Marines on topics such as leadership training and its importance to current student-athletes, the importance of creating a culture of high performance, and how to effectively navigate the coordination and management of large groups (which Athletics inherently is).

Finally, I also had the opportunity to spend some time informally with fellow PSAC AD and EMP Consultant Lisa Goddard-McGuirk discussing how what we learned would/could be applicable to our own campuses and as resources to share with EMP clients

For those in athletics at any level, who have an opportunity to engage in professional development that not only benefits the individual, but can also benefit the organization, I highly recommend it. This conference gave me the opportunity to learn from a group of individuals who place a high priority on leadership, effective procedural execution, and the importance of performance vs. effort.

I left San Diego inspired, challenged, and ready to finish the academic year with enthusiasm. These last couple of years have been difficult, but I feel ready to take on the next chapter of my professional growth and leadership with new tools to share and help us all attain the levels of success we are capable of.

EMP is available to provide your program and/or organization a variety of professional development opportunities to empower athletic and business enterprises to achieve excellence through personalized solution-based services that are innovative, collaborative, and lasting. We are committed to being the one stop affordable solution to make your professional life less complicated and more rewarding by sharing our resources to empower and inspire.



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