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Why EMP?

I was the head baseball coach in baseball for 22 years at Ohio Wesleyan University and two as an assistant coach at The Ohio State University. I took over a program at Ohio Wesleyan that was struggling, having won 14 games during their best season ever and averaging about 4 wins a year prior to my arrival. In fact they had won eight games combined in the three years prior to my arrival.

In 22 years at Ohio Wesleyan we received 15 NCAA bids, three times we were ranked number one in the nation, ranked nationally in the top 20 for 20 consecutive years and won 20 or more games for 20 consecutive years. Every senior who played three or more years for us played on a league championship team. Our teams averaged 30 wins a year despite playing one of the most difficult schedules in the nation annually. We had a winning record against scholarship programs defeating teams like Ohio State, Ohio University, Cornell, and others and had over 20 players sign professional contracts.

We won despite being underfunded and under supported by our university. We built our facility into a top Division III baseball complex ourself. Our staff and team built a wooden outfield fence, dugouts, press box and more. We raised over 75% of our operating costs. We ran camps and clinics that annually attracted hundreds of attendees. Many of the top high school baseball coaches in the state came to our events.

As an athletic director for 12 years at OWU we built one of the most highly respected and powerful division III programs in the nation. Fighting the same battles, we overcame bad facilities by raising funds to build and renovate all of all facilities at a cost of just over $40 million. We raised over 60% of our operating costs and nearly 45% of our coaches salaries. We hosted more NCAA post season events and had more NCAC conference titles than any other school.

I do not write this to brag about what we accomplished. My partners and staff have all accomplished similar things. But we are proud of the legacy we left behind. For those who watched us, they know the hard work and leadership we exhibited along with the sacrifices it took to do it. I share with you the belief that anyone willing to work hard and prepare and follow a strong plan can build a great program, improve facilities, attract top student-athletes and gain the respect of your peers. Sometimes you have to seek help and think outside of the box. You need to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

EMP Consulting is a different kind of consulting organization. We were successful in situations that were not easy to be successful in. Our organization thinks it is important to be able to say we once did what you are trying to do while facing many of the same challenges. We get it! We started our group to assist others and share our experiences as both coaches and athletic directors at both the high school and collegiate level in a way that help you be successful. We know what it is to be understaffed, under supported and short on revenues. We have built and renovated programs, improved facilities, increased alumni participation and support, hired, mentored and developed coaching staffs and improved revenue sources. Let us help you assess your staff, facilities and programs and develop a plan that works for you. Use our expertise for your benefit.

Contact us at for a free consultation on how we might help you move toward building a stronger athletic program.


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